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Art, textile and photograph conservation and restoration are very specialised areas, and should only be handled by qualified and experienced professionals.  Our team of qualified conservators provide specialised preservation and restoration services for all works of art and historic items.

Our Oil Paintings Conservator is Adelaide's leading conservator in private practice.  He is a member of the AICCM (Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials).

Our Paper Conservator has been a qualified professional since 1986. He holds a Degree in Material Conservation and works for the Art Gallery of South Australia. 

Our Textile Conservator is a world-renowned textiles expert, who has served notable museums, galleries, private institutions and collectors since 1984 in Australia, Asia and the UK. 

Our Photograph Conservator and Restorer is without a doubt the best in Australia.  With over 40 years experience, he uses both film and digital techniques to restore and re-create beautiful photographs, where the end results are second to none and are guaranteed to last 100 years plus.

Before & After Photo Restorations (Digital Restorations)

Before & After Photo Restorations (Original Photographs)

Occasionally original photographs can be repaired.  When the losses are minor, they can be gently repaired to blend the losses into the original photograph.  This is done by hand with a tiny brush and watercolour paint.

Please note -  this is not an invisible finish. 

Before & After Art Cleaning & Restoration

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