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We are not ordinary picture framers.  Everything we do is about "Quality", and our selection of picture frame mouldings is no exception.  Most of our mouldings are imported from France or Italy, or are quality Australian hardwood timbers. 

The art of water gilding is a tradition that has been passed down by talented artisans for generations. For over a century, the artisans at Larson-Juhl's Senelar manufacturing facility in Northern France have used traditional 16th century renaissance gilding materials and techniques. 

Watch this video to learn more about this unique art form, and how Larson-Juhl still employs century-old techniques to create framing products that may become your family's heirlooms tomorrow.

We are proud to present this stunning collection of unique hand finished, Italian made, picture frame mouldings from Bellini Fine Moulding. We believe the aesthetic potential of these fine mouldings will have an immediate and compelling appeal to the most discerning collector.

Bellini represents the embodiment of a vision. Sourcing only from the most gifted craftsmen, third and fourth generation atisans, embracing traditional ideals and skills to produce the most desirable and dynamic collection of moulding. Each Bellini design is individually sculpted utilising techniques unchanged by centuries, delivering a product of the utmost quality and beauty.



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