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We are trusted with some of Australia's most valuable artworks - by Government and Private Collectors alike.  The security and safe handling of the artworks in our care is paramount. 


How can I be sure my valuables will be safe?

We take our work very seriously, and keeping your artwork safe whilst in our care is all part of the service. 

  • We do not have a factory-style approach to framing.  Each piece is given individual consideration and is framed in-house personally by Jodie Prymke CGF - South Australia's only fully qualified picture framer. 

  • Ours is a strictly "Non Smoking" workroom for the safety of your artwork, our staff and clients.

  • Cotton gloves are worn at all times when handling your artwork. 

  • Our studio is fitted with a fully monitored security system and closed circuit TV cameras, on the inside and the outside of the building.

  • We have extensive insurance cover for artworks on our premises.   Please note that you should always insure your artworks for "away from home" cover .  This covers you in the event of theft from your car, accidents in transit, etc.

  • Our studio is fully sealed from external pollutants and is fitted with dust extractors.

  • Vehicles are not accessible to the inside our studio.  Exhaust fumes from vehicles are known pollutants and can damage your artwork. 

  • Nail polish, rings, bracelets and watches are not worn by our staff. 

  • Our studio is strictly "Off Limits" to members of the public. 

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