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"Jodie Prymke is an extraordinary framer and gilder - an artisan of national and international significance, and an international prize winner."

Michael E, SA (from a Facebook post)


"Just a short note to comment on the picture frame you made for me recently. It is truly a remarkable finished project, and displays volumes about the skill, imagination, and passion you bring to your profession. No fuss, no bother, and much talent. Thank you so much."

Vic S, SA 


"I can truly say that Jodie has given my Pa Roy's military service, medals and memorabilia the honor and respect they deserve. Jodie's talent, work ethic, eye for detail and most of all customer service are exceptional - second to none. Thank you so so much for all of your effort and for producing this amazing display that can now be shared and passed down to my son and so on. A sincere thank you and well done."

Wade B, SA (from a Facebook post)

"Many thanks for all the effort in framing the Ray Caesar.
It looks fab."

Barry J, SA (from an email)


Beautiful picture framing...I wish you were in Canada as I would love to have you frame my work here."

Artist, Ray Caesar, Canada (from an email)


"I sure love my Star Wars print and especially the effects of the glass and framing! Also, but in a good way, the museum glass option freaks me out as it's only from a certain angle that you can see it - it's really, really fantastic. When I look at the print, because I am so used to seeing a glass reflection when I look at pics and prints, it's like it is drawing you in closer to have a look. I can't explain it, it's like I have an impulse to get closer and touch it to make sure it's real!!! Also, the depth and style of frame is great, because it is deep and highly chromed, it really does make it look and feel as if you are looking out of a window of a building or space ship.

Thanks ever so much."

Edward S, SA 


"If you are looking to get yours or your rellies gongs presented in a unique and innovative way, call Jodie Prymke.
She mounts medals in a very distinctive display 3D picture frame containing facsimile newspaper clippings, documents and artefacts pertinent to the event / conflict.
She is a professionally trained picture framer and conservator. Her work is top shelf and very reasonably priced. Gwenda and I have had a range of stuff done by her and will continue to do so."

Steve L, SA

"This picture framer has framed several pieces for myself,  I keep going back, I will not go elsewhere, my artwork is important to me & I happily take it to Jodie. She is smart, switched on, has a great eye for detail, very passionate, has great ideas and most importantly TOP CLASS RESULTS, A+++++ ....all with a smile."

Mark M, SA

"I have just taken delivery of my beautiful picture frame, and it is absolutely wonderful. You would never know it had been damaged. We are going to take a photo and send it to the insurance company to show just what can be done by someone that knows their business.  We cannot thank you enough."

Barb C, Coffs Harbour, NSW

"I think most people were blown away by the scale and quality of the piece. Its true testament will be when it's still being admired by future generations of Rochester Fire Fighter, 100 years from now.

Thanks for everything."

Cade K, Rochester, Vic


"The Purdy Family would like to thank you for a truly wonderful arrangement which will be on display long after I am not around.
Very well done and thank you Jodie. You really are a treasure."

John and Cheryl P, SA

"Our Bromley has arrived and she is fabulous! We all love her and the kids have chosen the place for her and its perfect.  She is so much more beautiful in real life.
Thank-you so much for all your help Jodie. Stay in touch."

Darryl and Mark F, Brighton, Victoria 

"Just letting you know we travelled all the way home yesterday. The Florilegiums travelled beautifully in their package. Love them! Thank you so much for getting the framing done so promptly and beautifully."

Fran and Eric, Victoria 

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