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A resurgence in the beautiful art of French Matting is taking hold of framers all around the globe, and it’s very exciting for so many reason!

It's the little details like this that make a picture frame truly custom-made and unique.


“French Matting” is described as an ancient technique using pale watercolour wash panels and drawn ink lines around the perimeter of a matted piece of art. The lines and panels around the image draw the eye inward, repeating the delicacy and contrasts of the artwork.

Add some exotic marbled and gold leaf paper to the mix…and you have a truly unique, custom frame design!

What’s most exciting is that this ancient technique is not only limited to antique prints, photographs and lithographs, it can also be applied to modern works on paper – all the while adding value to your finished framed artwork.


Pastel panel
Pastel panel and gold band
Pastel panel
Pastel Panel

Article from US-based publication Picture Framing Magazine - February 2015

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