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OBJECT & MEDAL FRAMING - From Concept to Completion


For more photos of our object framing projects click here.

All our object and medal frames are framed to full conservation standards. This means that medals are hand stitched into place, so they can be completely removed if required in the future. 

Our attention to detail is second-to-none.  For example, shown here is an antique postcard, the reverse has been scanned and an archival quality giclee print made. The piece of original sticky tape was placed onto the print, making the print look even more real. The 3D levels of the memorabilia add to the overall interest of the finished frame. 


WWI Soldier - Johanis Ernest Warnest

WWI Soldier - Private L. G. Hunter

Antique Book Frame with Removable Front

Antique books should never be displayed opened flat or vertically, so a book mount was designed to cradle the spine whilst supporting it slightly closed and at an angle. The front of this display is removable, so the pages can be changed or the book removed completely.  

First "draft"...
Second "draft"...
The completed book mount.
Gilding the inside lip
The finished frame

Three Antique Taxidermy Specimens c1920 

Dr. Peter Windsor - Long Service Medal

Vintage Stamp Collection - Dedicated to Christian Missionaries Horace & Joyce Hamer

Danish Royal Guard - Paul Evald Christensen

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