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How do I care for my frame once it's home?

  • Take your picture frame straight home - do not leave it in a hot car.


  • Do not unravel, adjust or replace the hanging wire. We will not be held responsible for any damage caused by wire hangers which have been tampered with.


  • PLEASE don't hang your frame on a stick-on hook - they don't work, and your frame will eventually fall. 


  • Never hang or place artwork in direct sunlight. The sun is very destructive to art. Photographs and drawings are particularly susceptible to fading. If you want to be extra protective of your artwork, rotate it as often as possible allowing for some time in dark spaces or storage.


  • Do not hang artwork in or near sources of heat or humidity, i.e., bathrooms, heaters, etc. No matter how well something is framed or protected, humidity will surely warp and damage most surfaces.


  • Do not leave artwork outside. Basements, cellars and sheds are not recommended places to store artwork because of exposure to inclement weather, humidity and dampness.


  • Avoid letting dust accumulate on artwork. When dusting your artwork, use a very soft, non-abrasive, lint free cloth. Paper towels are not recommended because they can leave tiny scratches.

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