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What is Preventative Conservation Picture Framing?


Preventative Conservation Picture Framing is the combined techniques and materials used to protect valuable artworks and slow down the aging process.  Only the highest quality materials are used for Museum Grade framing.  


What materials do you use exactly?


  • Glazing - Tru Vue Conservation Series Glazing - picture framing glass and acrylic with Conservation Grade 99% UV Protection. It is the best glazing option available.  It effectively blocks 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays so framed pieces remain clearer and brighter for longer. UV rays are responsible for most of the irreversible damage to artwork, especially works on paper. For more information go to our "Glazing Page"

  • Matting and Mounting - We use and recommend the Nielsen Bainbridge Artcare™ range of products for all your matting and mounting needs. Made from alpha-cellulose (linen, flax) and 100% cotton, they are naturally acid and lignin-free.  For more information, go to our "Matboard Page". 

  • Frames - We carry a selection of the finest picture frame mouldings available on the market today. Mostly Italian and French, the quality and consistency are second to none, and the designs are simply beautiful. For more information please go to our "Mouldings Page"

What about the techniques?

Very little should ever touch valuable artwork, and it should never be trimmed, glued down, or stapled. We hinge works on paper, at the top only. This is done to enable the artwork to expand and contract with environmental changes.

Can you mount something without any tape at all?

Yes, we certainly can. Mylar is a product we use which is completely inert. It is a thin, clear polyester film which can be used for encapsulation (where the complete item is sandwiched in between two sheets), or Mylar corners can be attached. Like photo corners, the document, artwork or article slips into the corners, with no tape whatsoever touching it.

Needleworks are always pinned (with stainless steel pins) or laced.

Object mounting includes custom-made mounts, hand stitching into place or the use of magnets in suitable instances. 

Will you trim or glue my artwork if I ask you to?

No.  As a reputable picture framer we adhere to the Artists' Moral Rights. 

Moral rights protect the personal relationship between a creator and their work even if the creator no longer owns the work, or the copyright in the work. Moral rights concern the creator’s right to be properly attributed or credited, and the protection of their work from derogatory treatment. 

"Derogatory treatment" in relation to an artistic work is defined in the Copyright Act as:

"(a)     the doing, in relation to the work, of anything that results in a material distortion of, the destruction or mutilation of, or a material alteration to, the work that is prejudicial to the author’s honour or reputation; or

(b)       an exhibition in public of the work that is prejudicial to the author’s honour or reputation because of the manner or place in which the exhibition occurs; or

(c)        the doing of anything else in relation to the work that is prejudicial to the author’s honour or reputation."

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