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Needlework Framing Photos

Sometimes a frame can take days to complete, even if the design appears to be a simple one. This beautiful antique beaded needlework was brought in with absolutely no border for stretching. First, it needed to be hand stitched to a piece of cotton. Then, several templates were made on the computerized mat cutter to achieve the perfect shape to surround the corners. The template was used as a guide to stretch the needlework so that it was perfectly straight and aligned, showing every single bead. A 100% cotton matboard was cut to be used as a spacer between the stretched needlework and the top mat. Finally, the bevel of the top mat, a rich, leafy green silk-covered mat, was hand painted in gold. The bevel was painted three times for complete coverage, and painted free-hand (unmasked) to make sure the fibres of the silk remain uncoloured. 

Close-up of the hand painted bevel of the silk matboard. The bevel was painted three times for coverage, and free-hand (unmasked) to make sure the silk fibres remained uncoloured.

The finished silk matboard with hand painted bevel.

The 100% cotton spacer matboard - not a single bead is covered by this mat!

The completed stretched needlework.

Using a template to stretch the needlework perfectly straight.

Hand stitching the needlework to a piece of 100% cotton.

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